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Why buy when you can rent? Save and make money with Lend Me It

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A sharing community is a better community.

Lend Me It is a peer-to-peer app designed for lending and renting anything and everything within a secure environment. Have a bike you rarely use? Instead of selling it once, create a listing with photos, set a daily lending price and start making extra money. Need a tool for the day but don’t want to buy one? Search for it within your area, book the rental, make a friend and save money. Protect the environment through community sharing.

  • Make money over and over again on any given item and list as many items as you want
  • Free to download and no in-app purchases or subscription fees
  • If your item is lost or stolen, we've got you covered through our Lend Me It Guarantee
  • Browse your area for rental items
  • Rent using a credit card or Apple Pay through our secure system
  • Automatic payouts to lenders via Stripe
  • Easily book an item for rent
  • Chat and connect with users through Lend Me It before lending or renting, complete with history
  • Lenders can optionally upload photos before pickup, and renters on drop-off to build trust with a transaction history
  • Rate and review items and user profiles to build trust
  • Set available pickup dates
  • Invite your friends


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Why buy when you can rent? Save and make money with Lend Me It.


Post items to lend and find items to rent online in minutes.


Our system enables secure lending and rental transactions including a complete history.


With Lend Me It, you can reuse and recycle goods through community sharing.

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