We work hard to ensure the Lend Me It community is a safe and secure environment for Lenders to feel comfortable when lending out their items to Renters. However, we are aware that sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. That is why we have created the Lend Me It Guarantee. If for any reason your rental item is lost, stolen or damaged and you are unable to recover reimbursement from the Renter, we have you covered. Our Terms and Conditions of Use state that the Renter is responsible for reimbursing you (the Lender) for any damage or loss up to the full replacement value of your rental item. Our Lend Me It app allows you to charge the Renter’s credit card for damages or loss at the time the item is scheduled to be returned. However, if for some reason you are unable recover this reimbursement, Lend Me It will personally reimburse you for any unrecoverable damages up to the full replacement value of your item, not to exceed $3,000.

The specific terms and conditions of the Lend Me It Lender Guarantee are as follows:

Disclaimer: Please note that Lend Me It is not, and is not licensed to be, an insurance provider, broker, or agent. The Lend Me It Lender Guarantee is not an insurance policy.